Why is Dr. McGirl's office so unique?
Dr. McGirl's training is very specialized in providing comprehensive dental services under monitored anesthesia/sedation care. Following graduation from dental school he completed a hospital based dental residency. He then completed a dental anesthesiology residency followed immediately by an outpatient anesthesiology fellowship. His education then culminated in an oral implantology fellowship.

This extensive education has now benefited thousands of patients who otherwise would not have received necessary dental care.

How is Dr. McGirl's office different from other "sedation dentistry" offices?
Dr. McGirl is a dental anesthesiologist, and as such, we do not simply dispense sedative pills and hope we get the desired effect. We are able to precisely control the patients comfort and level of consciousness with monitored anesthesia/sedation care. Patients awaken, following the completion of all their dental care and are constantly amazed that they donít remember a thing! In fact many patients ask when are we going to get started, only to discover all care has been provided in complete comfort.

How many patients does Dr. McGirl see at the same time?
We typically see 2 or 3 patients per day and never treat or schedule more than 1 patient at a time. We have a very discreet and intimate practice where all our attention is focused on one patient. Dr. McGirl provides all your care and is present throughout the entire treatment visit. This is even true during the initial consultation visit, as we are well aware many patients feel very embarrassed, or weary about their dental condition.
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